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A1, the abbreviation for Acrylic One, is a two-component material consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin. These bind in such a way that a very strong material is created. A1 has many unique properties. These contribute to its strength, durability, weight to strength ratio, non-toxic, easy to manufacture and its ability to comply with many of the necessary test requirements of the construction industry, specifically those in regard to performance to fire and performance under impact


A1 has low toxicity both in its component parts and in its manufacturing process. Its potential use is wide-ranging and could effectively replace much GRG, GRC and GRP in many of the situations where those materials are now used, both in- and outdoor. In comparison with GRC, A1 offers much greater versatility, as a panellised cladding system in that the manufacturing tolerance can be much tighter. A1 possesses a high resistance to ultraviolet degradation. It can, therefore, be used in a situation where other materials would suffer.

Main application areas

  • Cladding & Façade
  • Art & Sculpture
  • Theming & Decoration


  • Very high fire resistance properties
  • UV stabilised
  • Rainwater resistant (if sealed)
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Low heat generation (max 45 °C)
  • Shrink free
  • Solvent-free
  • Environmentally friendly

A1 can be moulded, laminated, applied with spatula, brush or roller. These techniques can be used in combination and can be applied in a mould or on an object.

For more detailed information about A1 download the A1 Manual or the Design Guide A1 structures.