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Located in North Sydney is Australia Composite Solutions, a leading supplier of the now highly popular Acrylic One (A1), an acrylic resin that has multiple uses in a wide range of applications.

A1 is created by the combining of two component products, an Acrylic Resin, and a mineral  powder which, when put mixed together in the correct ratio, creates a solid product with remarkable qualities that lends itself perfectly for use by artists, creatives and also within the building trade and is considered to be an excellent jesmonite alternative.

Within the construction industry, A1 is primarily recognised for its outstanding durability and superb weight to strength ratio which presents it as an ideal choice for decorative architectural features, cladding and facades, and there are examples of its use all around the world, adorning many buildings, both internally and externally. In addition, A1 meets building regulations in terms of fire resistance and is impressively impact resistant – and when sufficiently dried out and treated with an appropriate sealant is water resistant and is unaffected by UV. In many cases A1 is viewed as a superior alternative to glass reinforced concrete, concrete and plastic.

However, beyond its physical attributes, A1 offers great flexibility and can be used as a casting resin in decorative and ornate moulds, or can just as readily be used as a sculpture resin laminating materials such as polystyrene and modelling foam. Application is simple and can be done by brush, roller spatula or even spray. Indeed, it is the range of techniques that can be used with A1 that makes it so in demand within the creative and artistic element of society.

Acrylic One, in its natural cured form delivers a creamy white presentation which will be suitable for some applications, but by introducing additives to your mix as you prepare it, a wide spectrum of colours, textures and finishes can easily be achieved. A broad palette of pigments can bring colour to your creation whilst the addition of sand, metal powder or even marble dust can produce a finished product with individual characteristics. And if you have previously experimented and found it difficult to create Terrazzo, our A1 Terrazzo kit even makes this a simpler task.

Furthermore, A1 is very user friendly, presenting no hazard to users, contains no harmful ingredients and generates relatively little heat whilst curing and is considered to be a leading eco resin available in Australia.

At ACS, your leading Acrylic resin supplier, we have a full range of products that you may need when working with A1. From starter kits to bulk lots of A1, A1 Terrazzo, and A2 stone, to a selection of accessories that includes pigments and other additives, pouring cups, brushes, mixing sticks and blades, accelerator, retarder and sealer we have everything that you need to embark on your project. And for those of you just beginning to work with A1 our website is full of useful manuals and videos that are packed with tips and instruction to ensure your enjoyment and success!


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