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Metal powder

Various metal powders, like iron, bronze or copper powder, can be added to A1 to create metal effects.

Rust effect
Add the same weight of iron powder as the weight of A1 Powder used when preparing the A1. Once the iron powder has been mixed, it will be ready for use in a mould or to be applied to an object.

To achieve the best result, the iron-powder layer can be sanded with a wet abrasive sponge or waterproof sanding paper. This will bring the iron particles to the surface.

If wished, the surface can be treated with hydrochloric acid, ammonia, etc. This will accelerate the rusting process. When the effect wanted is achieved, the process can be halted with water and soda. A1 Sealer can be applied to maintain the effect. If the A1 Sealer is not used, the process will continue.

Click here to watch our video about working with iron powder:

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Bronze Powder, Brass Powder, Copper Powder, Iron Powder, Alluminium Powder, Zinc

Metal Size

250 grams, 1 kg, 5 kg


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