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Chopped Strand 6mm

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Chopped Strand 6mm – Ideal as a bulk support System – Chopped Strands are most commonly used for hand layups.
Mixed into the A1 mixture, creates a paste like substance that can be easily applied onto the surface by hand.

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  • Used in conjunction with A1 mixture as an excellent re-enforcement media.
  • Can be used to fill up, or bulking up of areas with increased toughness.
  • 6mm chopped strands have excellent secondary bond properties and are extremely tough
  • High integrity during mixing, Mix Chopped Strands into mixed A1 solution after final Mix, and mix gently by hand.
  • Low tex strand
  • Easy incorporation
  • High performance with low dosage
  • Excellent reproduction of detail
  • Good level of workability
  • Reduced water demand compared to other fibres
  • Improves mechanical performance of A1 elements
  • Makes highly durable A1 elements
  • Available in 1 Kg and 5 Kg bags

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1 Kg, 5 Kg

2 reviews for Chopped Strand 6mm

  1. Vodise

    I am using the strands with A2 Stone, and I am getting really tough castings.

  2. Trudy

    I was creating rather large table tops which I was casting with A1, and I had a few tables that cracked. I contacted Mani, and he recommended that due to the size of table I was manufacturing, I needed some kind of reinforcing, so he recommended the 6mm strands. I can now stand on my table, it is incredibly strong. I recommend you use the strands in your castings, it really is strong.

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