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A1 Super White

(9 customer reviews)


A1 Super White will give you a whiter casting, and eliminates the need for white pigment.

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If the A1 object needs to be extra white, A1 Super White is the product for you.

A1 Super White is similar to our standard A1 product, but is supplied with an extra white A1 Powder that creates a whiter end result.

A1 Super White has a slightly different mixing process, which is detailed below.

We supply the following sets:

– 7,5 kg ( 2,5 Kg A1 SW Liquid , 5 Kg A1 SW Powder )
– 15 kg ( 5 kg A1 SW Liquid, 10 kg A1 SW Powder)

If you require any bigger quantities, please contact our Sales Department directly via

The colour difference between A1 Super White and A1 Base Material is shown below for your information.

Mixing instructions:-

• Weigh the A1 Extra White Resin and your A1 Extra White in separate cups.
• Add the powder into the resin slowly while stirring. Make your Powder additions small to start, until you gain experience.
• Depending on the weather conditions, you may experience slight clots, so we recommend straining thru a small tea strainer when pouring, which is available from your local supermarket.
• The A1 mixing blade will assist in obtaining good results if used at a low speed.
• You may experience an increase in aeration, so prior to pouring, a light tap of the cup will assist to release those air bubbles before the pour.
• A1 White was developed to attain high quality white castings without the need for white pigments, so if your intention is to create castings with colour, we strongly recommend using the regular A1 and our concentrated A1 pigments.
Nevertheless if you have any questions or experience difficulties, our team is here to assist you,

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm
A1 Super White

7,5 Kg, 15 Kg

9 reviews for A1 Super White

  1. Maria

    Wow, A1 Super White, really works, and creates a smooth silky white. I am hooked

  2. Ash (verified owner)

    This mix is so smooth & next to no air bubbles! There is very little sanding required. I’m very happy with how my products are turning out and glad I’ve made the switch.

  3. Bec (verified owner)

    Great product!! Lovely and smooth with very few air bubbles. So happy I made the switch.

  4. ChantelleChaise

    This will be my third order of A1 Super White now, and I am so glad I moved over form a well known brand, which was never in stock, and I was always unable to keep to my delivery commitments. A1 Super White, has been my saviour. It is easy to use and I am able to offer my clients a similar product over and over. I have a huge client base, and cant afford any mistakes. Thank you Mani and Gary for the good service.

  5. Shallan (verified owner)

    The whitest white for this product! The consistency with this product is amazing & never disappoints.

  6. Taneeka Mangano

    Absolutely love these products! Very smooth with minimal air bubbles, thankyou

    • admin

      Thank you Tan, and I am glad you are enjoying A1 Super White

  7. mandy su (verified owner)

    This product is easy to use and mix.Very fine powder and smooth. Easy to mix in pigmentation as well. Happy to have ordered this !

    • admin

      Thank you Mandy, yes the powder is very fine, and with certain colours it does work well, but we still suggest A1 regular if your target is colour.

  8. Georgina

    This product is non toxic and easy to use. I love the texture of the finish as well, not a real plastic look. I also like how it takes to pigments and the addition of other elements (like sand) easily. I have just started to use this product professionally (2nd big order) but I can tell I am going to have a lot of fun and great results from my experimentation.

  9. Sonny

    I am enjoying the Super White, and I recommend it.

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