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This kit contains 7.5 kg A1 and the most popular additives and fillers. You will find that it has everything you need to extensively explore the possibilities that A1 has to offer.

The A1 Start kit Extended contains a selection of the most popular additives and fillers, which enables you to extensively explore the possibilities of A1 yourself.

The Extended A1 Starter kit contains:

  • 2.5 kg A1 Liquid
  • 5 kg A1 Powder
  • 3 m2 A1 Triaxial fibre
  • 0.25 kg A1 Retarder
  • 0.25 kg A1 Thix A
  • 0.25 kg A1 Sealer
  • 0.25 kg Iron Powder
  • 0.25 kg Black Pigment
  • 0.25 kg White Pigment
  • 1 kg A1 ATP Powder for an optimal A1 thickening result
  • 30 mm High Shear Mixer for the best mixing result
  • 1 kg Filler Sand

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