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Realization of Protea Place by Paragon Architects.


Protea Place is a commercial office building situated in the heart of Sandton CBD, South Africa.


Protea Place is an expertly architectural glass building, incorporating the latest materials and finishes to complement its unique design & architectural style. The panels are made out of A1 in a natural zinc look. Zinc powder has been added to the A1 in the first layer, to create a solid and smooth surface. After the first layer, several layers with glass-fibre were laminated into the A1 material. To mount the panels they fixed some brackets on the backside of the panels. This has also been done with A1 mixed with chopped fibers and the glass-fabric. After demoulding the panels, the surface was sanded to get the zinc on the surface. To protect the zinc surface they put 3 layers of sealer on top.