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Tikibad of Duinrell has a new swimmingpool ‘Playa’ for children until the age of 12 years.
Esthie Vormgeving & Decoratie has decorated Playa among others, A1 rocks, A1 bamboo panels, tiki houses, totem poles, game attractions and water sprayers!


The A1 rocks have been made by using different molds. These molds have been coated with pigmented A1 and reinforced with several layers of trixial fibre and A1.


The totem poles are made out of polyurethaan foam. This foam has a closed structure, therefore it almost doesn’t absorb moisture. Also the foam can easily be shaped in any form. Then the totem poles are reinforced with a few layers of C-veil and later they have been painted in different colours.


Impression of swimmingpool ‘Playa’:

– Impression Waterpark Playa

– Esthie en Playa Duinrell