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A1 Base material is a two-component material that consists of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin.

These components bond to create a very strong material. A1 is environmentally friendly, safe to work with, fire resistant, easy to use and has a fast processing time.

It is important to weigh and mix A1 very carefully, based on the following mixing ratio: 1 part A1 Liquid to 2 parts A1 Powder. Fill a mixing cup or bucket with the amount of A1 Liquid required. Use the stainless-steel High Shear Mixer to create a swirl and then add the A1 Powder. Stir the mix until smooth and lump-free and then stir for another 30 seconds. Make sure that the material on the bottom and sides of the cup or bucket is mixed in properly too.

We supply the following sets:

– 3 kg (1 kg A1 Liquid, 2 kg A1 Powder)
– 15 g (5 kg A1 Liquid, 10 kg A1 Powder)
– 37,5 kg (12,5 kg A1 Liquid, 25 kg A1 Powder) – standard bag size
– 75 kg (25 kg A1 Liquid, 50 kg A1 Powder)

If you require any bigger quantities, please contact our Sales Department directly via info@activecomposites.com.au

Please note that packaging may differ at time of delivery.

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Weight 3 kg
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3kg, 15kg, 37,5kg, 75kg

4 reviews for A1

  1. Mark

    I cannot believe how easy it is to use Acrylic One. It sets in a short while, I can de-mould , and get my mould working again after only 30 minutes, and once it cures it is incredibly hard. I am so happy I came across A1. Thank you.

  2. Denise P

    I was delighted to use and explore the uses for the ACS – Acrylic One product supplied by AUSTRALIA COMPOSITE SOLUTIONS for my sculpture exhibited at the 2021 Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe. I was greatly impressed with the ease and simplicity in preparing and applying the product to a high-density foam mold. I have used similar products previously and do not think I could have achieved the level of smoothness and capture of detail to the finish in the end result with alternate products. The instructions for mixing and preparing the product were concise and applicable for the project I was completing. I brushed the product directly onto my mold positive repeatedly to create the depth of the product to ensure it was robust enough for a completed sculpture. It was not unduly difficult to sand back intermediate layers and the drying time was quick enough for my overall schedule. Assistance provided directly by AUSTRALIA COMPOSITE SOLUTIONS in using the product was extensive and prompt. Congratulations Mani I am impressed with the product and the results I achieved and certainly endorse the A1 composite product.

    Denise P 26/04/2021

  3. Sahar Mohebbi (verified owner)

    I am running my small business making homeware products out of Acrylic One and I can not tell you how happy and satisfied I am with this material! It sets really quickly which make it very time efficient! Glad I came across A1. Thank you!

  4. Nat (verified owner)

    Best product ever!
    Thanks to Mani for always being so helpful with any questions regarding these products.
    I am so happy with A1!

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